Ramy Abdu is Assistant Professor of Law and Finance, Founder and Chairman of the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, which has field offices in Geneva, Sweden, Libya, Tunis, and Palestine.

Previously, he served as a Project and Investment coordinator for the World Bank and other internationally funded projects addressing the financial sector and the humanitarian crisis in the Palestinian territories. He is also founder and co-founder of many other initiatives and organisations.

He holds an MBA in Finance from Jordan University as well as an MReS and a PhD in Law and Finance from Manchester Metropolitan University (UK). Dr Ramy has lectured in various fields such as Corporate Governance, Financial Management, Financial Markets, and Business Law at a number of Middle Eastern Universities. He also lectured on part-time basis in Manchester Metropolitan University while doing his study.

Areas of interest: Human Rights, refugees, immigration, international aid to developing countries, and EU-MENA economic cooperation